In the beginning…

Asia Etcetera is born completely out of the blue! There was no specific plan at first. There was just an interview with Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz on the occasion of the world premiere of ‘Season of the Devil’ at Berlin International Film Festival followed by the release of the film in French theaters. The volunteer interview was planned to be published in a new French lifestyle magazine dedicated to Asian cultures. It was published early this month but the text, though granted two inside pages, was nevertheless significantly edited without the author’s consent so that frustration led to positive energy and the idea of some kind of online magazine dedicated to Asian cinema and cultures -uncensored, unrestricted and out of the box. To resist is to create indeed!
‘Some kind’ because it won’t be a traditional magazine with reviews and extensive coverage of must-sees. Actually, it won’t even necessarily be about cinema… Maybe it won’t even be about ‘Asia’ the way we see it. What is Asia indeed? That’s a key question this place will try to explore all way long, in French and in English (and we hope you’ll indulge our non-native English).

In short, in ‘Asia Etcetera’, the most important word is ‘Et cetera’, that is ‘what is missing’. Let’s find out together and try to gather the pieces! 🙂

In the meantime, please bear with the work-in-progress layout and content of this website (and feel free to let us know what you think).

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