What you won’t find on Asia Etcetera: reviews, reviews and reviews… No need to linger on long subjective elaborations indeed as we know all too well that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!
So what will you find on Asia Etcetera? A wide range of enlightening and alternative interviews, videos, suggestions, articles about specific themes, etc or rather etcetera!

Our editorial orientation is what you’ll find on our website –without claiming to be exhaustive. We aim at highlighting the underlying aspects and tacit cultural/historical/social/economic/etc specificities of a film, work of art or cultural event, with the intention to provide the reader with the tools needed to delve deeper into the discussed topic or related ones he might be interested in.
Ultimately, our goal is to challenge preconceived ideas relating to Asian cultures, the term ‘Asia’ already in itself such a protean concept, and stimulate reflection, or at least curiosity, but always in an accessible manner inclusive of all audiences.
To do so, we’ll invite contributors with diverse backgrounds –scholars, experts, artists, facilitators, field men and women, or just genuine and unprejudiced passionate people– to take part in this collective adventure and share their knowledge. The only one golden rule? This website dedicated to Asian cultures is open to EVERYONE!

Many thanks to all those who have contributed so far –Nicolas Debarle, Tonglao S. Epinal, Luisa Prudentino, Marie-Orange Rivé-Lasan, Pierre Rousset, Eunsil Yim, and Pauline Kraatz for the translations. We are happy to hear about any ideas or comments you might have that could help us improve this website in the making, in the hope it will serve as a platform for cultural exchange and overlap.