• Why AsiaEtcetera?

To overcome tired stereotypes about Asian cultures and arouse reflection or at least curiosity.

  • What is Asia?

We will consider an extensive definition of Asia here from a mere geographical point of view – including therefore the western parts of Turkey (Anatolia) and Russia (East of the Urals), the Caucasus countries and a part of The Middle East, and extending to Pacific and Indian oceans.
But AsiaEtcetera will primarily show that ‘Asia’ is more of a cultural concept (maybe even a merely Eurocentric concept) than an accurate geographical concept. As a matter of fact, it is a key question that we will attempt to dig into all the way through our articles.

  • Why aren’t there any film reviews on AsiaEtcetera?

No need to linger on neverending subjective deliberations – the internet is already full of them! – just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder! At most, you may find a brief fleeting comment… if you look hard! 😉

  • Then what’s on AsiaEtcetera?

News, interviews, videos, articles that dig into specific themes or suggest reflection leads, and maybe sooner or later films on VOD etc. or rather et cetera!

  • Who is AsiaEtcetera for?

It’s for EVERYONE! You don’t need to an academic or a movie buff to navigate through the site, which precisely aims at addressing all kinds of audience by showcasing Asia in all its diversity!

  • Who is AsiaEtcetera?

At the moment, it’s volunteers – whether they’re experts or not – casually gathered around a common passion for Asia and one belief: there is still a lot to explore, learn and share.